Botox treatments Vienna

A very frequent wish of our patients is often to have more friendliness and freshness conjured back into their faces and to look more relaxed. Probably the most common method to achieve this goal is treatment with botulinum toxin, also known as “Botox” or “Bocouture”.

Our recommended Botox treatments

Doctors have been working with botulinum toxin (Botox, BTX) in medicine for decades. This is not a neurotoxin, as is often falsely reported, but a medicine.

Botox against wrinkles

In just 10 minutes, annoying wrinkles on the face can be removed almost painlessly and without any downtime.

 Let the “Lip Queen of Vienna” treat you personally!

Botox against sweating

In the hot summer months or at important events, sweat stains are undesirable – this treatment is particularly popular with many of our patients under the armpits.

Botox for migraines

Medication no longer helps? 

With a few small stitches in the right place, you too can finally be migraine-free!